America's Least Livable City

Installation created for Pittsburgh Center for the Arts’ "2014 Artist of the Year" exhibition.

Can You See Us Now?

subRosa's contribution to "The Interventionists" exhibition at MASS MoCA, 2004.


Video installation at the Mattress Factory for 2012's "Sites of Passage" show.

Iraq Body Count

Cotton paper, toner, glue, time, dimensions variable, until it stops. 2012


subRosa's installation for "The Way That We Rhyme" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts,

Propositions and Undoings

subRosa's contribution to the 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial

Rhythmic Smelling Machines

MFA thesis project, 1999.


Installation: wood, nails, paint, 2014. After the village is razed, the succulent hedge is steadfast.

Transfer Points

A collaboration with Jen Morris exploring the intersections of patient/traveler processing at airports and hospitals.


subRosa performance and installation at Ljubljana's City of Women festival.

Where have all the — And what will she do with?

Installation: Lyrics from "All Tomorrow's Parties" are written on paper tongues. Lyrics to "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" are painted on broken ROTC practice rifles, 2014.
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